How to Create a Free Website Bangla Tutorial - Ways to Make Money Online Using a Free Website 1 year ago

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How to Create a Free Website Bangla Tutorial - Best Ways to Make Money Online Using a Free Website step by step process

The free website is one of the best ways to show your creativity online. It can help you to make money online and also help you to show your brilliantness. in this bangle tutorial I will show you how to create a free website and I also explain how to make money from a free website.

a free website means a free subdomain. there is some difference between a domain and a free subdomain.Domain means main root folder of your website that search engine like most. And a free subdomain is a subfolder and it is a part of your website

There are many websites that provide subdomain or free website like Blogspot, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Tumblr and more. Blogspot is the best because it is Google product and it is free for all. if you have a Gmail you can create a free blog spot within free clicks.
Before going to create a free website

What Should You Keep in Mind?

Selecting Right Product: it is one of the best parts of success. because if you have to know ideas what you should select or target then it is hard to work.
Targeted audiences: Another important thing is selecting right audiences. You have to select right audiences for your website.
Narrow Down Your Audiences: it is better if you can narrow down your audience.

Example: Yoga tips, Yoga tips for women, Yoga tips for pregnant women's,
Main focusing keywords

Money Making Process by a Free Website

Google AdSense
Affiliate Marketing
Promoting CPA Offer
Amazon Affiliate
Selling Digital Product
Selling Services

How to install google analytics for youtube channel:
How to change channel art:
How to add cards on youtube videos:
How to create attractive video thumbnail:

Changing youtube channel name
Stop Autoplay on Youtube
Block annoying user
Add a manager
Upload video Correctly on Youtube
How to create playlist