Stock Market Analysis - My Excel Sheet | Part I (HINDI) 8 months ago

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Stock Market Analysis is very important for the stock selection. Many viewers requested me to share my excel sheet which i maintain for my Stock Market Analysis. It also includes the filters i use for the Stock Market Analysis.

Currently, i am using 6 filters, which are as follows
1. Price change
2. No of trades
3. Traded Value
4. Delivery Quantity
5. Change in Open Interest
6. No of contracts traded

I analyze the data of last 3 days. The excel sheet also contains information of a change in each of the filters i use for Stock Market Analysis. It further calculates the % change for better analysis.

This is 1st part of the series wherein i explained how to download my excel sheet for Stock Market Analysis and how to read the various fields. The 2nd and 3rd part will explain how to fill this excel sheet and also how to analyze this data. In order to understand it fully, you can watch all the three parts of this Stock Market Analysis series else it will be difficult to learn the analysis.

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